Challenge Accepted

“……I swear no one can burst this bubble of self glory and celebration of small achievement….” Those were the words of my friend Carrine on her completion of a half marathon as an amateur with no pre-training and her 3 hours experience in the Beyond Zero Marathon.

On congratulating her for such an achievement she threw a challenge to the lazy Runner who me, “We should go run together”

At first I was hesitant but as soon as she mentioned Karura Forest I accepted the challenge and we did set up a running date. However, the few days to the agreed date I was all in doubt how I could even manage 1km running.

The day came and I was on my way to meet my new “Running Mate” (not a political one but a challenger in fitness). I found myself in deep conversation with my mind and body, my legs seems to be cracking jokes on me and I could here mystical voices say “well let’s see how well and far you can drag us in this forest!” My mind in reply and brave spirit kept encouraging me “This is something so easy, you can push yourself and walk over this challenge today!!!”

Just like a motivation, we made it to Lily Lake one of my favorite point of Karura Forest thanks to its beautiful lily flowers that are scattered on its water with beautiful birds that call it home.

After few moments of thinking of giving up running in exchange for forest cycling my “Running mate” asked me to be ready to sweat out the challenge.

We warmed up our muscles by stretching (my mind and legs had now collaborated making me so sure the run was a joke on me). Started out with a simple jog, and gaining pace as we got into the forest.

From a kilometer to 5 more, from trail to another we kept on in silence and at times when breathe was out we would just walk few meters and talked on challenges that had made us have “Running” in one of the list of favorite things to do.

At some point we got to try out hidden talents in photography and modeling (it was a way of encouraging ourselves from giving up as we got a chance to relax).

After running and jogging (and also walking) we managed to complete almost 10km in a good time that I will only mention after our second run.

My experience on my first running even if it was a challenge has taught me a number of things:-

1. Running unless its a competition doesn’t need to break you down but take it easy

2. Running alone is not easy for the start but get a “Running mate”, you can easily give up but with a ” Running mate” you kind of encourage each other from 1km to more

3. Carry drinking water to replenish yourself

4. Run, run, run and run more


4 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. From 1km to 10!๐Ÿ˜‚ congratulations on accomplishment. At this point you should also try out modelling part time๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ƒ

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