A Prime Campsite: An Adventure Destination Of Engare Ngiro

Someone once told me that “Travel to a place and see it for yourself than live a life only hearing of the same place…” it had been a while since I went to a campsite and had my heart stolen or I left the place with a promise of going back to experience or visit again.

A friend of mine introduced me to his best friend who had a wish for a city walk tour within Nairobi which I do to challenge my friends on their knowledge about History. During our City walk tour she invited me to go and experience a hidden Gem that she kept referring to as Kinga Conservancy.

When I tried to get more details about this little gem she talked with pride and compared to none I have been to in the nearest dates of my travel, I got a simple answer in reply “wewe kuja na ujionee” { “just come and experience it”}. The promise never came to be for sometime not until when some friends and I were hungry for a new campsite and new destination then did I suggest the little known Kinga Conservancy to my friends. It being unknown to us, it became our target for our routine destination hunt with planning taking off almost immediately from the dates to everything.

I broke the news of my planned visit to Wairimu Kigathi the lady who had invited me countless times with no show, she got so happy on my confirmation of the visit. We were in a group of friends, so eager to experience a new destination probably even ranking it on our top list of places to be.

Kinga conservancy, is in Kieni Constituency within Nyeri County, I believe its one of the few places in Kenya where you can find in ending indigenous forest cover. There are 2 access to Kinga Conservancy Campsite.

For us we drove from Nairobi enjoying the amazing Thika Road and made it to Nyeri Town, later drove to Kanyagia Junction off Nyeri – Nyahururu Road then onto Endarasha , later drove for a few minutes to Kinga Conservancy Campsite. However we were later told of a direct route From Nyeri town drive for 40 km to Giraffe Ark entrance and proceed on straight to Kinga Conservancy Campsite.

When we got at our campsite for the night it was dark already, but the feeling of being in a Kenyan countryside made me get so anxious waiting for the sunrise to come and I explore it all. We set up our tents at the designated Campsite then sat around a bonfire where as usual the real “we” is exposed as we shared past adventures and experience on our travel.

Later on dinner was served and those who had a bottle of the “rated drinks” begun to swallow their bitter sips with the soothing music as the night rolled down with turning of the hands of the clock. The more the sips of the bitter drinks took over the lesser the number of people sat around the bonfire until when the last one decided it was enough for them to warm their sleeping bags and enjoy the cover of their tents.

when the sun rose up, we got woken up by a call of an animal only for our host to tell us “That’s a tree hyrax calling out” then later we heard some noises on the tree canopy, crunching on our cups of tea with fear, only to get relax on seeing a group of White colombus Monkeys chasing each other across the forest not even minding us down at the campsite.

After we refreshed and changed into comfortable clothes for the day which we were had just been briefed that it was our day to explore the Forest and neighboring areas, we were off with a guide who was so knowledgeable with botany.

The nature trail was so great since I have come to recall my long love for birding watching and photography which I can say am still a learner in the act of photography with great hopes of improving my skills on the camera (how I regret to date for not having carried my botany and birding books).

The walk was so amazing as we got amazing views of Eastern Slopes of the Aberdare ranges with the shy peaks of ole satima peeping from the shadows of Endarasha.

The first point of interest was a seasonal waterfall that only the daring ones decided to make their own trail besides the dried waterfall and made it down to its foot which was so scenic with a dried river bed filled with rocks laying before us like a carpet.

The trail led us across the crystal clear Engare Ngiro river that we later learnt from the guide that it crosses 3 kilometers in the conservancy giving it the green cover and the amazing forest canopy making it so beautiful that everyone was struck with the beautiful valley that gives way to the Engare Ngiro as it snakes through finding its way from the ranges.

The nature trail after crossing the Engare Ngiro takes another 1 or less hour depending on your pace which we later learnt that it can also take longer incase your are a person who loves birdwatching and photography thanks to its so unique magnificent beautiful views that the nature trails gives you as you walk to hiking the amazing trail that later leads you to the point of no shoes.

“Point of no Shoes” I mean that it gets to a point where you say good bye to your shoes for you have to cross over the clear cold waters to the other side which is the campsite.

When you get back to the campsite the sweet aroma of lunch welcomes you back the tired you. Did I say this is where I have come to taste the best roasted and cooked goat meat in the bush or campsite? Yes, I found it here!!!

From my experience from this campsite new to me and the group we had, I have come to believe that it is worthy to go visit a new place and experience something that you have heard from others then agree or disagree with their words.

Kinga Conservancy Campsite is a place for those who want to be cut off from modernity, those who want an experience of what bush life feels like since the campsite is located deep in a cliff or what my friends said “A valley”

I would recommend this campsite if you have been looking for a new place where you can set up your tent then go for a nature walk, cross over a river twice; I mean crossing the same river twice with no help of a bridge but freezing your legs but enjoying the beauty of a countryside. To make your reservation, call +254 734 046 381 / +254 711 215 535 : For questions and inquiries, email info@kingaconservancycampsite.com

Do you know of a campsite that is great and worth to visit mostly off trails and out of the norm? please share in the comments.



indeed we got it in our travel


We’ve at one time asked ourselves whether we qualify to be called travelers or not. It would have been quite mind boggling if you asked me a year ago. Leaving home to explore unknown lands while using money in the process and not coming back with anything tangible, sounds unworthy, right? It takes time for us to grasp the idea that we are all indeed travelers. It can be explained in the way we awe at a lioness with its cubs ; at the hunting prowess of a cheetah as it sprints towards its prey in the Mara, at the discovery of an unknown local tribe in the Amazon; at beautiful sites during our usual travels home or even at the photographs of majestic destination taken to signify we can do it as well.

IMG_20171209_134602.jpg Ololosokuan, Ngong

In all our little adventures and escapades, we always stop and wonder whether you…

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Happy And Adventure Filled 2018


It was an year that truly defined the words “Ups and Downs” but for me i only count the lessons learnt and Adventures i have been too to the many destinations i set my feet on plus the campsites that my tent found a firm peg to hold on against the windy nights or rainy ones.

What can you say about your 2017? I pray it become better in 2018

How many places did you visit or revisited in 2017?

There were places that stole my heart while others played home to my tent more than once that now they are among my favourite campsites or places to camp. Some adventures were so Spontaneous while others were others Friends on the road the others became more like back in time and much more.

Have made many friends and joined many more in this world of discovery like my brother #TravelWithEliud

And Pamfilas

the most daring lady i have come to know, who has made me realise that has proved to me that indeed not all girls are made of sugar and spice plus all the nice things but there is a number of ladies made up of adventures and true outdoor junkies. You are too many for me to mention some we met on weird moments like when borrowing firewood, match stick, to even cooking pots.

I am so hopeful of this 2018 as a new year to me it means much more like 364;- adventures,places to be, people to meet, campsites or more. Its an year that is so promising may even my passport may get to be colourful with migrational stamps, or may be more smoking firewood in a campsite

I am already making up my bucket list and places to visit in 2018 (your suggestions are welcome most especially if they are destinations in Kenya or even a campsite) how is your list coming up?

Adventure and more adventures is what i am looking forward to this new year that is already roaring the pages of the calendar.

To my many new friends let us pack our bags more and unfold our tents in many campsites or just places where the pegs can hold them firmly for us to call it a night.

Happy new year to Us all and this is my wish for Us all let us see the adventures from the hills, less visited places, new campsites and to many more #ChinkuTravels stories



The year has been a great one with exploration of new and #HiddenKenyanGems to also visits to traditional destinations. (Am not sure about you reading this, where have you visited in Kenya this year or to you international tourists where have you set foot?) To all that we have been on Adventures,to those we have undertaken the roads, those we got lost as we searched for great destination to the sacrifices and lessons we have taught or learnt from each other ( doesn’t matter whether positive or negative all lessons are worth) NEXT YEAR IS ANOTHER BIG 364 DAYS OF ADVENTURES Lessons I have learnt is that :- 1. Travel is the best hobby 2. It’s the number of friends that you make whenever you are travelling 3. Best adventure is to travel with strangers and by end of the travel you are greatest friends 4. Never be mean, tell your story and give directions of where people can trace your footprints and let them go there 5. Travel is education indirectly, you learn what history books have left out, you discover much by traveling 6. Travel lets you break out of your comfort zones 7. You need friends? Not just friends but great friends, simple just pack a bag and go travel. 8. There are no “a billion or million star hotels” but do you want to experience the luxury of that rated hotel? Go Camping!! 9. You don’t have the pride of your country? Just travel around your country and definitely when you see the beauty and blessings you have, automatically the pride of your own country will grow. 10. Travel. Travel Travel Travel Travel Travel….. More and more whenever you have the opportunity Much I have said, many are the destinations I have been to and shared. Much I have done but not enough, more Adventures I have partaken yet not enough, from the climbs up hills and mountains, the distances walked and music danced in the Bush to the campsites and others but that’s not enough for me I plan for more. As for now am getting ready for my end of year adventure which am still torn between many choices. As for you my fellow adventure seekers and fellow travellers what is your next adventure to mark this holidays and Christmas? Do you have a tent and a sleeping bag? Just get to identify a campsite and a destination then go for it, go set up your tent enjoy peaceful time, take pictures and above all don’t forget to tag along a friend if not many of them As from me, its just simple words MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND MORE ADVENTURES ARE IN WAITING


Le Pristine Hotel….The waoh factor of Nyeri town.

The unknown Nyeri county


This is one journey that has been long overdue.. it has been planned over and over but time just seems to be escaping us somehow.. But perhaps let me introduce to you Mr.King’ori the one person amongst many others who are trying to awaken the Giant that Nyeri county tourism is!


I might have written many other articles about this but on this trip He has promised to show me a Nyeri most people just pass by and don’t take much notice of. As an engineer Mr.Kingori is well travelled all over the world, Loves not just delicious meals but also mouth-watering and after a day’s work he relaxes at his Home with a glass of wine and a good book, ooh and he’s has a million dollar view of valleys over and beyond.


During my interactions with him I came to learn Nyeri is not His rural home. He…

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Kisumu County as I Experienced it and fell in love..



A journey that took us a few hours from Kakamega  landed us  in Kisumu city, Kenya’s third largest city and the main urban center in Western Kenya, Kisumu has a lot to offer the to business and leisure traveler. In recent years, Kisumu has transformed from a provincial town to an attractive investment destination.

IMG_4715.JPG The green patch is the View of lake victoria from Acacia Premier Hotel in Kisumu

As the East-African member countries are working more and more closely together, Kisumu is ideally located to play a significant role in this collaboration. Its location on the shores of Lake Victoria and its proximity to tourist attractions such as Kakamega Forest, Ndere Island and Ruma National Park, make it an increasingly popular base from which to explore Western Kenya- The main reason we were here.

We arrived to Kisumu city by road if you were following us you must have…

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“The Shimba On The Hills” ; 7 counties and 2 countries

For the 2nd time again it was here! There comes a time when you give back to the society and not just by words but actions just to say “Thank You” to the society.

Have you ever found a passion to do something and you mark it out in your calendar as days pass into weeks that turn to months then the month of December comes knocking making your mind get to know that going beyond your limits is not a choice but your sacrificial lamb!

My brother and fellow “fake Asian” has given me a new meaning to the way on how i conclude my years thanks to the now annual Charity event dubbed “C2C” that is an acronym of “City to Coast” an event that I have home to identify with and take it up as a way of marking my end of year. It all begun when my brother took his favourite toy for an adventure from the City of Nairobi to the historical Coastal town of Mombasa passing through beautiful countryside of this beautiful country from one county to the other and days later he found himself at the gate of Child Of Mercy Orphanage Centre.

The stories he heard from the children at the orphanage and the managers touched him so much and he looked for a better way to put a smile on the little angels he met and spent time with and what better way than getting friends to sacrifice their time, comfort, strong muscles, Money and take up their toys just to stretch a little bit to get from the Comfortably made environment in the City and head out to recreate the memories all the way to the Coast of Kenya.

For a second time we were ready and now with a group of 10 sacrificial soldiers who were willingly ready to set aside time, work and also comfort. The names included:

  1. Rakesh Okuku (the leader of it all and a brother)

2. Geoffrey (the marshal)

3. George Simei (the fast and furious guy)

4. George (our team doctor and “wa mastretches”

5. Gikonyo (the never giving up champion when his bike refuse, he opted to jogging)

6. Ken (The ever silent guy)

7. Raymond (The leader of the “Team Ferrari”)

8. Rechol (the commander Team never give up)

9. Victor (The dreadlocked speed marchant)

10. Nyawira ( Her excellency who doesn’t recognize the word “IMPOSSIBLE”)

11. Luqman (the man that little minusspeeddefines him)

12 The supportive team on MV Tom and Jerry included Captain Alladin and the ever green Suzuki Maruti Captain Leornard.

The day came and no point of return was in offer !!!! 700 plus kilometers had to be covered and The City was defined on this day as our starting point and the Coast was now our real Finish Point. I thought that it being my second time to head to Mombasa by a bike (not pikipiki, but Baiskeli) that I would not have any fear or a shiver in my bones never did I Know that still I would get scared. To my surprise i got a shiver when i saw there were additional of days from the traditional 4 and above all more adventures as we were to get through another country as we adventured to our final destination of Coast of town.

Just like the last cycle for charity (which was my first ever longest cycling adventure dubbed Capital To Coast Charity Ride ) in the morning I got those butterflies in the stomach and mental games of “impossibility” and blindness of my “comfort zones” took control of me as the journey was no longer like the first time where we only did 4 days on our bikes but had risen to almost a week is sweating and tired muscles. But on seeing there were new ladies and they had heard of our first adventure an year ago, they had some respect for our daring spirit to cycle from the City of Nairobi to Mombasa. The presence of new members gave me morale to even show off my energy and encourage the new adventure members how it is done.

Briefing for day 1 was done and it sounded more like a walk over because we were to cycle from Nairobi to Machakos a distance of 66Kilometres which was more favourable compared to last year that we had to sweat over 100 kilometres. Few photos and last smiles we took them to mark the start of our dare to go across many beautiful counties and scenery for a week.

All was set and off we were in a group becoming show stoppers as we rubbed our bike tires against the mighty Mombasa road, once in a while we got cheers as we passed people. Rumbled along Mombasa road down to the great land of Machakos county where we were celebrating for it being a short journey on our very first day with more fun as we set up our camp at the Machakos People and that marked the end of our First day journey to Mombasa.

Next day we woke up before the full sunrise came up through the hills of Kiima Kimwe. Breakfast was served and a short briefing was given before we roared out on the tarmac with our destination set as Kathonzweni in Wote county that was meant to be about 92km. It all begun as an easy ride but later into the 30km all turned to the field of boys and men, uphills begun to stretch our muscles and bursting our lungs as we engaged the gears to the top but got rewarded with very amazing Downhills covered with the most breath taking views i have seen in all my travel within Machakos and Wote.

By the time the sun was on its readiness to set we were checking into Kathonzweni. As usual the nights on such long rides are made up of jokes and tells of personal experience during the day while few advices being thrown from one person to the other. As the night got on so did the number of awake cyclists as each one was overcome by sleep and surrendered to bed.

Our third day on the road came so cold as we enjoyed our breakfast getting ready for our great adventure awaiting. Simple usual morning bike checks and a pump here to there. Every was set and we got a relief news for the morning. We got to be informed that we would enjoy a morning bus ride to our starting point which was Emali town in readiness for the panoramic road to Loitoktok boarder town. As though it was a break from a hard work, everyone took a nap and slept off during our ride to Emali town.

On arrival at Emali town, bikes were brought down and we got ready for the Panoramic highway to the boarder town of Loitoktok. With briefing from the team leader, we were off with our target being about 105Km away hidden by the shadows of Africa’s roof top: Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was a great ride as we had less traffic on the road most of it was ours and bikes. Joy it was that after sweating and fun we finally had made it to Loitoktok all safe and sound besides the anti gravity downhills that were more of illuminations of dreams. This was a short night i think because of us getting too tired.

With the night coming to an end, our excitement hit us so high for this was an achievement having cycled through amazing destinations in amazing Kenya and this morning we were crossing over into Tanzania from Loitoktok targeting to mark the end of the day through the other crossing point boarder post on the other side of Africa’s roof the beautiful Mt. Kilimamnjaro.

We went through the immigration procedures then jumped on our two wheeled machines becoming an admiration of the Tanzanian people from Loitoktok, Marangu down the Kilimanjaro all the way to Holili town just past the windy road by the beautiful Lake Chala.

It is always proud for us to see how much we can do when we go beyond our comfort zones, Imagine one day cycling from one boarder post to another! At Holili we crossed over after a second immigration process in a day and headed out to the land of Elephants; the amazing and beautiful Lake Jipe.

The morning at our camp was amazing as we got to be welcomed by amazing Elephants that came to our campsite, and they also escorted us out as we roared and shifted our gears targeting to make it through the vast Tsavo West national park,

yes, we cycled across the Tsavo west national park on the newly constructed Taveta – Voi road, which led us through the towns of Maktau and the silent Wundanyi breaking us by stretching our muscles was the silent climbs of Taveta hills but after a long struggle we made it to the amazing town of Voi.

This night was filled with more joy and excitement since we could imagine the Indian ocean and the white sandy beaches since we were almost to the end of the cycling adventure to even meeting the little angels of Child of mercy orphanage centre whom since 2015 we have been supporting by sacrificing our comfort, energy to even time to make a change in the lives of the children at the orphanage.

On this final day we were woken up by the loud roars of lions that many thought they had invaded our campsite only for them to learn that a lion roar is so strong and can be heard over a long distance. After having a heavy breakfast for the day was not going to be easy for us as we were close to the coast so we expected change in the climate and even the altitude would play games on us. Our start of point was the growing town of Samburu (not the semi arid area of Samburu nation reserve but a town along Mombasa road after Mawungu town or the Mai mahiu and Salgaa of Mombasa road).

it was going to be a torturous 97km off road ride through small town centres like Kwa Mkamba through Kinango passing the Elephant home of Mwaluganje and we begun to have a division of friends on bikes to friendly bikes as the climb through Shimba hills was a no “Laughing matter” which for the first time I never ever saw a smile on any of my fellow cyclists.

Many wanted to give up, but when they begun to see new pedestrians on the road as they crossed from one side to the other (for your information the pedestrians were elephants) to a point they got warnings like (…..mtasubiri kidogo kuna ndovu hapo mbele!!” ( …..you have to wait since there elephants on the road) but lucky enough we got shielded from the elephants and made it to the tarmac in Kwale town a short of 37km to our overnight camp.

As soon as everyone saw the tarmac, they all turned to speed merchants making the distance between kwale and Diani (about 37k) look so short which I don’t even know why, may because we had finally made it to the coast.

We got to the Diani campsite and cottages only for it to get so exciting when one of us said it was his first time in his life to set foot in the Kenyan coast, amazingly for him he made all the way on his bicycle and cycling from Nairobi to Mombasa above all the beautiful white sandy beach of Diani.

It was so amazing for our archivement, both personally and as a team since we had made it all the way from Nairobi to the Kenyan coast.

We rested and enjoyed our comfortable night since we knew it marked the end of our time riding our bikes.

the next day we enjoyed our morning with a swim and walking along the beautiful white sandy beach of Diani until the hours of lunch.

We later drove off to Likoni making our grand entrance at the Child Of Mercy Children Orphanage and got an amazing warm welcome that made us forget all the tiresome uphills and the torturous distances we covered just to get here.

why did I have to write such a long blog telling of such an amazing adventure? Many may be asking, but its never about my friends and I riding our bikes enjoying the beautiful destinations that we made to, I have writing about this because it is our way of sacrificing our time and comfort just to make a change to orphans at the Child of Mercy Orphanage Centre, its been now 2 years of creating impact and changing the lives of the little angels at the orphanage, and we are not stopping but we want to see their lives change to even having them living a better life.

This year we are on it again, being on the road from Nairobi to Mombasa raising funds for the children at the Child Of Mercy Children Orphanage and your support will be highly appreciated as we sacrifice comfort to our time just to make a change in a child’s life.

Someone once said “You have not lived until when you do something for someone who can never repay you”. For any support you wish to give to this initiative details are providing below in the poster, God bless you all and lets keep enjoying adventures

Your support will be of great honour to this great cause in case you need to offer any other support you can get in touch with the lead adventurer

Rakesh Okuku +254717681649

You can contribute any amount from 100 to what you can

Go to Mpesa
Select Lipa na Mpesa
Then Paybill
Enter Business No – 261092
Followed by Amount, PIN and confirm transaction

Now to the next #ChinkuTravels adventures as i look for more #HiddenKenyanGems