What to do in Nairobi for Easter {affordable options}

Let me wish you all dear readers a happy Easter Holiday. I believe a good number of people have got many choices for the long weekend ahead as we celebrate Easter holiday. In this article I share my pocket friendly options of destinations that are cheap but make an amazing experience both for adults or even children. The charges are below 700 shillings per person and I may also be visiting them. First of all, I am glad KWS is offering buses to the public in Nairobi to experience the Nairobi National Park at Just Ksh 800 for adults and … Continue reading What to do in Nairobi for Easter {affordable options}

Challenge Accepted

“……I swear no one can burst this bubble of self glory and celebration of small achievement….” Those were the words of my friend Carrine on her completion of a half marathon as an amateur with no pre-training and her 3 hours experience in the Beyond Zero Marathon. On congratulating her for such an achievement she threw a challenge to the lazy Runner who me, “We should go run together” At first I was hesitant but as soon as she mentioned Karura Forest I accepted the challenge and we did set up a running date. However, the few days to the … Continue reading Challenge Accepted


Its now 60+ days into 2019 so far so good. 60 days have already taken centre stage on the new pages of the new year, as usual my shoes and backpack have had a good taste of dust, my binoculars and camera have fought for the best views, scenery and captured the best both in my mind and memory cards. There has been a growing request for me to share a list of other writers of whom are doing a great work promoting what I am pushing for and this is, “Domestic Tourism”. I am sharing a number of travel … Continue reading MY 2019 KENYAN TRAVEL BLOGGERS

Cycling weekend

Cycling has been my all time favorite way to spend my weekends and even my free time. I have been to some amazing places, done what I can’t put price on, and above all I have made a lot of friends from my cycling. When on my bike all I feel is joy, from that wave you get from a fellow cyclist saying “…hi…” to the moment you meet fellow cyclists headed out to the same directions nothing compares to that joy. In Nairobi, there is a monthly meet up for cyclists where we all meet up at a designated … Continue reading Cycling weekend

Why Travel?

Whenever I bring up the idea of traveling to my friends, the question that follows is “…..why should we travel?” I always ask everyone that I meet “….why leave your comfortable home or familiar places,pack and travel to a new place or far place from home?” The answers are different from each individual that I ask the above question. It is also the same issue with my reasons to why I travel more often away from home. For me, travel is mainly because of a number of things that drive me to pack my bag, mark the calendar then go. … Continue reading Why Travel?

Riding into 2019

The year is just few days old and the calendar page is still fresh. However the year begun so well as usual thanks to an adventure idea that just came from the blue skies. My Travel blogger brother #TravelWithEliud called me with a plan to go cycling together with some of our friends at least to welcome the new year in a unique way, whom am I to say “No”? We met up in town on the 1st day of 2019 and headed off to Langata where we were to pick up our bikes and set out for the fun … Continue reading Riding into 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Happy new year of 2019!!!!!!!! 2018 was a great one filled with adventures and meeting new friends that I now count then as my great friends. I was also able to go to new destinations, got to meet some of you great supporters of this blog and got to learn from you how my small adventures have been helping you in taking up the journey of traveling to different destinations that I share in my blog and others got to share with me new destinations that came as suggestions. I believe that its just few words that I share through … Continue reading Happy New Year 2019